People often ask us, ‘what do you do’?

After taking in the deepest breath we can muster:

We are a full service studio, capable of taking projects from concept to completion. Our expertise lies in post production but is followed closely behind by our production skills.

Our studio is complete with a green screen, several editing suites,  and an imagination unparalleled by Disney, Dr. Suess, and Roald Dahl combined…patent pending.

At Magi, we constantly push boundaries and explore technologies that enable us to create high quality products, which in turn facilitate our clients’ success. We make the process efficient, creative, and incredibly enjoyable.

Not wanted by the government (that we are aware of) and no longer surviving as soldiers of fortune, if you need it keyed composited or tracked, and you can find us *we are in Lyndhurst*, then you should call Magi Filmworks. (We are currently accepting emails as well)